I have been using pomogranate extract face wash and alovera extract shampoo. Its very refreshing and cleanses my skin well. The shampoo is my favourite it keeps my hair soft and silk. My hair fall has also reduced a lot.


I use lip balm, lip scrub and coffee scrub face pack. The lip balm steals my heart. It last for 6 hours though I apply very less of it. Coffee scrub face pack gives me a brightened and a glowing face. I am about the products performance.


I recently bought coffee scrub face pack and red wine body scrub. I would say I made the best choice. The red wine scrub leaves my skin supple and baby soft which I usually get after an exotic facial. Coffee scrub face pack leaves my skin glowing and shining. I never expected this at my first use.

Vimala Somas

I have tried almost all the variety of their soaps, lip balm, face pack and have become so addicted to it. I generally don't use soaps as they make my skin dry but after using bliss nd Berry soaps, I am totally in love with it. Best thing about all the soaps are they retain the moisture which suits perfectly on my dry skin.

Priya Lakshmi

I use coffee scrub face pack. I should say it’s a boon to my skin. I had very dry skin and I was about to got to the doctor. That is when I heard of this pack and I wanted to try it. Trust me it gave back my natural oils to my skin at the first use itself. Even my mom couldn’t believe the result it gave to my skin. Its has become my mandatory product in my beauty regime.


I  have got extremely addicted to Bliss Nd Berry’s products. It’s intensifying face serum and the organic shampoo are absolutely in my top favourites. The face serum is so hydrating and I use it every single night to get rid of my dry skin. It is doing wonders to my skin. The shampoo is handcrafted organic and it definitely makes my hair tangle free and silky. I am completely in love them.

Mitali Chabra

I have been using face serum for about 6 months now. I should say its really an amazing product and has become mandatory product in my daily routine. I live in an apartment where every day is a celebration that I need to groom myself for every occasion and this face serum is my product in rescue which makes my skin glow that all my friends keep asking me how is that you are glowing without make up.Thats really a very big complement because I no longer use my foundation to glow up. Truely it’s a product that every women should cling on to.


I use alovera extracted shampoo .After switching to this shampoo I noticed an overall difference in the health of my hair. The ends seemed less likely to snap off when brushing. It leaves my hair feeling soft without stripping the strands off or leaving them brittle. The fragnance of the shampoo is also amazing.


I use beautifying face serum and coffee scrub face pack. I should say the serum is a woow product.My skin glows and has a very good texture. These days I don’t use make up on my face other than kajal. Coffee scrub face pack is such nice product it does what it claims. My perfect and regular routine.

Anila Mahesh

I am using whipped shea butter and coffee scrub face pack. The butter is so good that it keeps my skin really soft and glowing. Its a very good moisturizer it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. And the coffee scrub face pack is an amazing one it really worked very well on my tan. I got rid of tan and my dark circles too. It keeps my skin very glowing.

Swarna Palaniappan

I use Alovera extracted shampoo.It leaves my hair really soft and silky. I don’t use a hair serum or a conditioner after the shampoo. Its a very good cost cutter for me. I am happy about the performance and how it saves my money.


I have been using lime soap for my son past a month. I find good difference in his skin. The duration of the soap is also really long unlike other soaps I have been using. It stays for about 3-5 days. And the fragnance is too good that its so refreshing all day. I am a happy mother who has chosen the right product for my son.


This organic handcrafted alovera extract shampoo is love. It is doing wonders to my hair and leaves it tangle free and give perfect shine. My current favourite.

Naina Khandelwal

I have used almost all your products since the past 6 months. They are like really awesome. These products are a great bliss to my skin. I really fell in love with the appearance and fragrance of the products. And the shea body butter does magic on my skin. It stays long and I could very well feel the natural stuffs in it. keep going..!!!


I have been using face serum for past 6 months. Its my mandatory product in my beauty routine. It gives a very nice glow and hydrates my skin very well. Now its like I cant imagine my night routine without the serum.


I have been using Whippedsheabutter formorethan 6 months. I am so much in love with it that I've penned down a poem about Bliss and Berry Shea butter...

Sweeping the cream from the floor,

Melting on my fist by the light of the holy vehicle,

Absorbing the darkness of it's bliss, diving deep into my river,

Make my toes curl out of no fear,

Hanging like a Jerry to witness it's berry


I have been using beautifying serum for past a month. It’s an amazing secret potion. I had visible pores on my nose area. Now its all gone. My skin has become more smoother and I could really see a drastic change in my skin. Every boday around me are area giving me very good compliments. Thnks for this beautiful product.

Sree kavitha

I am using lime soap and kiwi soap. Its too good on my skin. It maintains moisture.It leaves my skin soft and suttle. It gives a feel of royal bath.


I have been using coffee scrub face pack. This is one amazing product which extremely works on my pigmentation. I can see visible difference on my skin. I am totally in love with this product. Definitely a recommendation for all. Its worth the buy.


I use rose water toner regularly. I am shopaholic and get dull frequently. This rose water toner helps me refresh myself every now and then. I also use it as my toner before my make up. Its not as strong as the other products available in the market. Its very mild, pure and soothing.


I have been using sugar scrub cubes and dark chocolate lip scrub. I must say I have fallen in love with their products right from the first use. It works wonderfully and I am really satisfied with their products. The sugar scrub cubes are so gentle on my skin that it gives a very mild exfoliation. The oils in it makes my skin really soft and moisture.

MBBS Student

I have been using face seum for about a month now and I could really find visible difference on my skin. It glows. When my mom visited me she at the very first sight itself found the difference and said me that my skin is glowing and very soft. I am really happy that my skin is getting better with the terrible water here.


I have been using kajal for more than 3 months. Kajal is very good that it doesn’t irritate my eyes unlike the other brands I have been using previously. Its so soft like butter making it very easy to apply. Its definetly a recommendation product.


I use whipped shea butter its one super soothing product for skin. It keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. I am also able to find some real shine on my skin.


I had a very dry and sensitive skin. None of the products in the market worked good on my skin. Then I heard of Bliss Nd Berry’s products believe me its true to its name. I could feel the purity in the ingredients. They products are very soothing on my skin. Now I am using almost all their products in my daily routine.


I use orange peel soap.It smells good and looks yummy too. And the best part of all is that it suits my skin and leaves it soft and supple. Its surely a recommendation product for all.

Dhivya somasundaram

Thanks for being so personal on suggesting products and listening to expectations patiently and yes goat milk soap made wonders, my skin was dull and dry all day but once after using this product I feel the change in skin it added fairness n softness. Can't stop me ordering more and more.


I have been using all their soaps. I could see real changes in ma skin. Initially the soap which I was previously using used to make ma skin dry and used to.have patches on ma skin. But after using their soap ma skin has become soft, and it really shines. More than Happy with their products :-)