About Us

We are in a world where we are surrounded by lots of pollution, and chemicals everywhere we go. Even the daily skincare we use are chemical based with lots of harmful preservatives added to it. Isn’t it too much for our skin to take it..??!!??

Yeah that is why team Bliss Nd Berry wanted to come up with something which pampers our skin, treats from within and which is all natural. We at Bliss Nd Berry resource the best natural ingredients and make the right combination of it to make it effective on the skin.

We at Bliss Nd Berry not just want our products to be organic but we wanted it to be more creative and colourful. Bliss Nd Berry creates each and every product tieredlessly with utmost care, making it skin-pampering, eco-friendly and more creative.

Ethical Buying

At Bliss Nd Berry we go beyond buying. We only purchase goods from suppliers who provide their farmers and factory staff with a safe working environment, and who do not adulterate the goods. Every ingredient we buy tested in the lab to ensure its purity. We don’t buy from unethical suppliers.

Our belief

Resourcing raw materials

If you want the best ingredients, you have to go out and find them yourself in the wider world. Our dedicated Buying team works tirelessly to ensure the quality and that's what we get. Often this involves a great deal of creative thinking and finding solutions to problems, such as sourcing the finest essential oils and absolutes, the best natural raw materials.

No animal testing

We at Bliss Nd Berry dont test any of our products on animals. We believe that animals are any other creation of god like humans and they have to be respected like we do for ourselves.


We disclose all the ingredients that we are using in our products. we don’t add any secret ingredient. Every ingredient is made sure to have the purest form of it.

No preservatives

We don’t add any preservatives to our products. All the products that we sell are preservative free.