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we know when winter hits our skin its going to last longer .!! Most of us are facing problems with dry skin and skin burning sensation. Isn't it too much for our skin to face it..!!??!! Yay..!! BlissNdBerry team has come up with something which will heal your skin naturally leaving it healthy and glowing.Here is our product

"Whipped body butter"

Butter..!!??!! what is it even going to do for your skin when so many bigger brands couldn't do..!!??!! so let us tell u how butter works on your skin. "Whipped body butter" is a rich blend of unrefined African shea,cocoa,mango butters and almond oil.


- Unrefined African Shea butter has such large healing fraction, in addition to moisturizing the skin, regular use of this natural cream can treat many skin skin problems like skin burn , itching,skin wounds , dryness,wrinkles,etc.


Mango butter which is rich in vitamin A helps in plumping and tightening the skin.Also helps in healing dry skin and reduce fine lines.Vitamin A in it helps in glowing of your skin.

- Cocoa butter is best at moisturizing skin,acts as anti aging property, heals all skin conditions.It helps in giving ur skin a healthy look.

Why choose Bliss Nd Berry's " whipped body butter"..!!??!!

Whipped body butter is made out of unrefined imported African shea butter, mango butter ,cocoa butter,almond oil which has been sourced from the best villages of South Africa.Thereby ensuring the finest quality of butters for skin.Every other ingredients added to it is ensured to have the purest form of it.

* No chemicals added

* No artificial additives

* No animal testing done