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Suffering from dry, dull skin..!!??!! No shine.!!??!! No glow ..!!??!!Very sensitive.!!??!!

Here comes our product


We team Bliss Nd Berry has come up with a new product which helps you get rid of all your problems which has got rich grounds of organic almonds,and other ingredients to solve your problem.The following are the benefits of winter face pack - Almonds have always been considered luxurious in terms of its benefits and procurement -This pack is rich in proteins ,magnesium,omega-3 ,mega 6 fatty acids,vitamin E -It leaves your skin soft and supple -It helps in nourishing your skin -Acts as an exfoliator to get rid of impurities and oil -Its a great solution for puffy eyes ,dark circles and eye wrinkles -Helps in skin toning -Reduces aging signs -Helps to undo sun damages -Treats dry skin

Why choose Bliss Nd Berry's " WINTER FACE PACK "..!!??!!

Bliss Nd Berry's winter face pack is highly rich in handpicked fresh organic almonds. Every other ingredient is made sure to have the purest form of it.

*No animal testing *No artificial additives *No preservatives added #blissndberry #facepack #almondluv