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Strawberry lip balm Share


Suffering from chapped and dry lips..???

The skin on your lips is thinner than your facial skin.Using a lip balm will ensure that your lips are well hydrated and heals faster.Bliss Nd Berry's lip balm keeps u hydrated and treats your lips from within.

Ingredients: Shea butter,castor oil, almond oil,vitamin E oil, soya wax, bees wax

Usage : Apply a small amount of lip balm when your lips are chapped and dry.It leaves your lips moistured.

Why choose Bliss Nd Berry lip balm..??!!!??

Bliss Nd Berry's lip balm is made out of all natural ingredients.Unlike other lip balm in the market you dont have to frequently apply the lip balm to keep your lips hydrated.Once you apply the lip balm on yours lips it will stay for 6 hours.Bliss Nd Berry helps in reducing the usage, results better,saves money.