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Are you suffering from eye irritation, redness, frequent watering, tiered eyes due to too much of pollution and the chemicals used in the eye products..!!??!! Did you know the kajal available in the market have high lead content which affects the eye muscles and also the eye sight.

Our eyes are the most important sense organ which connects the outer world and us.It is very important for us to take good care of it,

Here is our product which protects you from all these "smokey kajal" kajal is the most important cosmetic that is found in every women's vanity.The usage of kajal is tracked back to 5000 years, when it was used for both beauty and medical purpose.

We at Bliss Nd Berry are trying to bring back those days of purity and genuiness in the product quality.

The following are the key ingredients in it


castor oil - castor oil in its purest form is the richest form of vitamin E.It helps to heal the eyes and makes the lashes thick and blacker.It helps in relieving eyes from stress. It helps to get rid of redness of eyes.

Almond oil: Helps in moisturizing your eyes and keeps them hydrated.It also helps in freshening up the eyes.It enhances shine and keeps the eye muscles strong.It has astringent properties which makes the redness disappear.

Almonds :Almonds are used to enhances the darkness of the kajal which helps in achieving a glowing eyes.

Why choose Bliss nd berry's "smokey eye kajal"?

We know being in this world full of chemicals its hard to protect our-self from its hazards. Bliss Nd Berry team has come out with a product which is not just chemical free but also adds benefits to your eyes."Smokey kajal" helps in keeping your eyes from redness and irrtation and keeps it cool.

*No animal testing done

*No artificial additives

*No chemicals added