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Wanna get rid of oilly skin and skin blemishes ..!!??!!

Then here is the product "Luster of lime"

Lime - We usually over look the benefits of things that are easily available around us.The benefits of lime are unlimited that all of should look into..

. -It cures facial blemishes, removes the clogged pores caused by pollution - It reduces skin inflammation caused by bacteria, removes body odor

- It helps in removing excess oil from the skin which most of us find it a sin of skin

- It helps in tightening of pores and removes dead skin and ultimately helps in clear and vibrant skin

- It acts as a good astringent which keeps us fresh

Why choose "Luster of Lime"..!!??!!

I know being in this fast world it is difficult for us to take so much of time to take care of ourself. Say blemishes free cream, skin lightening cream, artificial astringent,skin healing cream,oil removing lotion..... Isnt it too much to look into..!!??!! "Bliss Nd Berry" team is here to make things simple for u..!! - "Luster of Lime" is made out of naturally made lime essential oil and lemon zests with no chemicals added to it.Every ingredient added to it is ensured to have the purest form of it.Lime essential oil and other ingredients helps u in achieving a glowing skin.

Skin type:oily skin